Obtaining Full Revenue Potential From Each Customer

June 26, 2017 by Gatherology Team

Do you know your customer audience?

Customer Loyalty You own a website, you get great traffic, but are you squeezing all of the potential revenue out of each visitor? Knowing what your audience interests are will help you gauge which advertisements to show. As a website owner, you have the option to sell an adspace or use it for your own products. Studying your audience is the key to earning the full revenue potential from your customers.

Selling an advertisement to a 3rd party is always an easy method to earn quick revenue. However this revenue is always shared with the technology provider. The technology provider is paid more than you for providing the technology and the advertiser. This is a good way to study which advertisements are working for your audience. The revenue earned for the website owner is very minimal compared to what could be made if they had their own products.

After you study your audience, you will figure out what it is that keeps them coming back to your website. You'll learn interests, behaviors, and patterns. This is a great time to launch your own product that is relevant to your website, and the ads you kept seeing when you sold advertisements to a 3rd party. Launching your own product can be challenging but very rewarding. You keep a majority of the revenue earned, however there is more responsibility and creativity involved. Using this methodology will allow you to obtain the full revenue potential from each visitor that comes to your website. Good Luck!


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