Creating Customers for Life

June 5, 2017 by Gatherology Team

77% of consumers can be described as loyal to a brand based on factors such as likeability and trust.

Opt In Customer How do you attain a customer for a lifetime? Is this something that can be accomplished? In the modern day online advertising era there are many ways a customer can be attained but only for a temporary amount of time; Traditional Banner, Social Media, Contextual, and several others. However when you have a powerful email opt in and have it setup correctly with a newsletter and other engaging features the customer is yours for life. It won't cost you anymore money to attain this customer's data, as you have the pathway to marketing to them directly to their inbox!

Email Marketing is a very powerful feature, but it cannot be abused. Although you may have the "customer for life" as we like to say, they can easily opt out of your brand. The goal is to send relevant and informational emails, that provide value and make a customer feel like they are spending their time wisely when opening your emails. Headline's are the first step to success. When setting up a headline you want to make sure you have some type of curiosity to where the customer wants to open the email. The context of the email must not be far off from the headline or you'll have an upset user who could potentially opt out.

When we rant about achieving a customer for life, it can be done. However you must treat each customer as if it were your own pet. Each customer has their needs and if you are not giving a customer what they want out of the email newsletter they opted into, they will simply opt out and you've lost your customer. Stay on track, make superb curious headlines followed by relevant email content and your brand, list, and customers will prosper!


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